Friday, 18 March 2011

from me to my very special person

I know it might be sounds weird to you, but I am just feeling that I am so much in love with him :D
So far, He still treated me well just like the very first day we went out.
And some of the time he would give me surprise.

Hahaha... but it's true :)

amazingly he did most of the point stated there... and I am just hoping that he wont change :)

and last but not least

most of people are saying that we are just in starting line and I told him what they said... and he said "Lets prove that they are wrong!" :)

btw, he just got back from holiday :)
and he bought me

Thank you so much to my dear.. I like them all :)


g.ta said...

You'll do great..=`)

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