Sunday, 2 January 2011

Early Birthday Surprise

I am going to have my birthday on 4th January, but I got an early birthday surprise from....


I was sleeping when they got into my room with their cake and present! and I cant stop laughing, just happy!!

here is the cake from Sherly, Karina, and Nora

yeah! this cake is specially for me and hell yeah, I am that girl in the picture!!! it was a pic long time ago!
and what does it mean by TOCENG? It stands for Tomboy and Cengeng --cry baby--

here is the birthday present from Erwin, Harry, Valent and Vincent

there is one reason why they bought me this bag
it was all because they wanted to see me with something more mature thing which i wont buy by myself! So, here I got :D

and another earliest birthday present that i got is from Greta, she gave me this lovely necklace
:D love it

and these are friends that i love the most :D
-yes I choose my friend :D-

and others with no photos

thank God for everything that I have and have got till now

Good Night


g.ta said...

awww..I'm touched..Love you too..<3<3

Karunia said...

love you moree :*

Anonymous said...

you splendid look.

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